Frequently Asked Questions

After your decision to install this app and subscribe to the services, the usual onboarding takes between 3 to 5 days. We create a backend database and arrange demo sessions in the mean time as well.

Currently, GateFM is available in the Play Store and can be downloaded only in android-based phones only. GateFM is soon going to be available Apple Store and will support iPhone as well

Our team will connect with you and will provide and comprehensive training on each feature and help you in onboarding

Yes, using the community management feature, facility managers and committee managers can convey messages and conduct discussions through our unified platform

Yes, it’s advisable to keep the updated version of the application for all the features to work seamlessly. GateFm sends you notification regarding the same, you can also can check Play Store for updates time to time.

GateFM is very easy to use. We create digital profile of your staff and validate their identity on the app. You can simply show the important features of the App to your staff to stay connected

This feature allows to securely grant access to your visitors through the society gate. It majorly works on passcode management, you can send your visitors a passcode which they show on the society gate to enter. It has an e-intercom feature which sends you an automated call when you fail to respond to the in-app notification to approve or deny visitor’s request.

This feature ensures that the delivery personnel enters your society upon getting your approval only. You can generate a passcode for the delivery person to enter premises. Alternatively, you can choose “Leave at Gate” feature, and your guard collects the parcel on your behalf.